Saturday, February 11, 2017

100 cups of tea

We've now lived in our house for 100 cups of tea. 

We bought a tiny 2 bedroom unit in a group of 3. It failed on a few of our must haves,  but it had emotional value as we lived here as renters in 2008. It has felt like home since we unpacked the sofa. 

The tiny house seemed to grow to fit all most of our stuff. Our giant bookcase bed takes up the whole bedroom making it truly a room of bed. 

The second bedroom is basically a library with plans for a desk and sofa bed once we unpack the last boxes lurking in there. 

So changes and plans...

The Aussie Parentals installed an aircon in the room of bed, which has been amazing,  with the last 5 days above 40ÂșC and I've slept for >9 hours a night:)

We've put up a washing line, painted the gates, mowed the lawn, and planted the long suffering rosemary in the ground (this is house number 5 for the rosemary). 

What's next?
Shade cloth over the car? 
Mossie screens? 
Solar panels?
Fake grass out back? 
Dealing with the cockroaches that live in the cooker clock display? 
Or pulling off the random oil tank we've discovered stuck on the side of the house? 

Nah, time to buy a BBQ so we can have a house warming party. 
Crack a beer with friends, 
And enjoy having a place of our own... cockroaches and all. 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Chocolate cake with molten middle

My friend T is on a search for the ultimate chocolate cake with molten middle, This was my attempt at success...

I used a Chocolate Lava Cake recipe from, by googling "lava cake recipe frozen mixture". My sister told me the recipe wasn't so important so long as you freeze the puddings before you cook them the centre will come out liquidy and gooey.

The other tip is not to cook them too long, I checked them after 8 minutes but after 12 they had actually risen above the  rim of the ramekin and had gone a little crispy on top which I think helped it to stay upright rather than to be a total squash when serving! If you overcook them they are still tasty you just loose the lava centre.

Whilst I enjoyed this recipe it turned out more like a souffle rather than a cake, It was delicious served with vanilla ice cream and that's really all I was going for. But the search is still on for the perfect gooey individual cake recipe.... if you have any suggestions be sure to let me know!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Afternoon Tea

I've sampled Afternoon tea in a fair few places but Buxton in the peak district is aparently famous for it so since it was my friend Dr G's birthday and my birthday hadn't long since past it was time to check it out.
Although it was late in the day they had no problems fixing up an Afternoon tea for us, They offered to split one between two if we wanted but we were there to spoil ourselves (and were planning to head out for birthday cocktails without any dinner) so we went for the one each option!
The pot of tea arrived before the food which is just the way it should be - The tea has time to brew so it can be enjoyed at the same time! The tea was in a nice large pot and Dr G managed to convince me to wait until it was properly brewed and the correct colour. whenever I make pots of tea the first cup is always too week as I'm too impatient to have tea NOW!
Wow! It makes me happy just looking at it! A Three Tier cake stand of Goodness! So, we have....
Tiny Sandwiches! and I mean tiny, I felt like a giant! We had the clasic cucumber sandwich, smoked salmon and a honey roast ham. Surprisingly the ham was the winner, the smokey flavour with the soft white bread was perfect!
We went for the Sultana Scone over Cherry (who has cherry scones? really?) The scones were big and fluffy, we could have used a little more clotted cream but probably because we are a bit gluttenous and like to pile it high on two sides of the scone.
We had a selection of four cakes: Victoria sponge, Bakewell tart, Gingerbread and some sort of Tiffin? (is that what it's called?) We really wern't hungry by this point but felt we must at least taste them, The Gingerbread was the stand out with cristallised ginger on top, mmmmm.

Turns out neither of us like almonds so the bakwell tart was abandoned on the plate. How lucky we hadn't gone to Bakewell which is just a short drive away! Ah well G we always knew we had similar tasts except for pineapples which I love and you hate!

Number 6 was a lovely Birthday treat and a great place for two old friends to gather for a LONG catch up, we didn't feel rushed and the service was attentive without hasseling us at all. We felt very welcome. The room is filled with teapots of all shapes and sizes and was warm and cosy on a cold-ish October day.

Number 6,
The Square,
Tel: 01298 213541
Opening Hours: Monday to Firday 10am-4pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm