Saturday, February 11, 2017

100 cups of tea

We've now lived in our house for 100 cups of tea. 

We bought a tiny 2 bedroom unit in a group of 3. It failed on a few of our must haves,  but it had emotional value as we lived here as renters in 2008. It has felt like home since we unpacked the sofa. 

The tiny house seemed to grow to fit all most of our stuff. Our giant bookcase bed takes up the whole bedroom making it truly a room of bed. 

The second bedroom is basically a library with plans for a desk and sofa bed once we unpack the last boxes lurking in there. 

So changes and plans...

The Aussie Parentals installed an aircon in the room of bed, which has been amazing,  with the last 5 days above 40ºC and I've slept for >9 hours a night:)

We've put up a washing line, painted the gates, mowed the lawn, and planted the long suffering rosemary in the ground (this is house number 5 for the rosemary). 

What's next?
Shade cloth over the car? 
Mossie screens? 
Solar panels?
Fake grass out back? 
Dealing with the cockroaches that live in the cooker clock display? 
Or pulling off the random oil tank we've discovered stuck on the side of the house? 

Nah, time to buy a BBQ so we can have a house warming party. 
Crack a beer with friends, 
And enjoy having a place of our own... cockroaches and all. 

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