Sunday, November 15, 2009


We went to Marrakech for dinner for my Birthday back in September. (Yes this blog post has been sitting in draft form for a long time) but better late than never!

Marrakech is a moroccan resteraunt on King William road. We had a great review from a freind and thought we'd check it out.

We started with the Mezza Platter ($26.90)

The Mezza Platter is a chefs selection from five entrees (although I think we got 6!)
The Djaj Katban(Skewered Charmoula Chicken Fillet)
Kebab (Skewered Rass Elhanout Lamb Back Strap)
Kefta Katban (marinated beef mince)
and 3 Dips; Zaalouk (Eggplant Dip), Khizzou (Carrot Dip) and Bakkoula (Spinach Dip)

The Mezza Platter was a great way to start the meal, we got a little bit of everything, with just the right amount of bread to use up all the dip (I hate it when you run out of bread before you've scooped everything up!)

A nice atmosphere we dressed up as it was my birthday but would just as easily come with a bunch of girls for a casual dinner. We were advised to book even on a Tuesday, but the night we went they were pretty quiet.

Berber Tagine($24.00)

The Berber Tagine is Lamb cooked until tender with Rass Elhanout and vegetables. I had no idea what Rass Elhanout was (you can read what wikipedia has to say) we asked the waitress who explained it was a morrocan blend of herbs and spices including cinnamon and cumin. This was succulent and juicy dish. I really liked the way it was served in the Tagine, when the lid was removed the steam wafted out.

Djaj Maassel, Apricot Chicken ($24.00)

The Apricot Chicken was fantastic! I was a little hesitant ordering this one, described as chicken cooked with caramelised apricot, cinnamon, honey and roasted almonds. I thought it was going to be too sweet but the flavours worked really well together the sauce was morish.

We had one serve of rice between two which was maybe a little small but we had so much other food we were stuffed by the end.

A wonderful birthday meal,

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66 King William Road
Tel: 08 8299 9901

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superbitch said...

the birthday blog spot was nearly as late as my present! looking forward to reading how the premium bond got spent! xx